• Rhino Linings' Tuff Stuff is a unique polyurethane that hardens in seconds and permanently bonds with just about anything...metal, steel, rubber, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass or wood.
  • Virtually indestructible – resists gasoline, oil, kerosene, or grease.
  • Typically sprayed on 1/4" thick, but can be sprayed to any thickness. Textures can be varied from fine to coarse at the customer's request.
  • Rhino Linings' Tuff Stuff mixes naturally without heat or pressure, making your Rhino Lining the most flexible, resilient, stable, insulated and dense lining available.
  • Rhino's seamless membrane is a non-abrasive and non-skid surface that holds your valuable load in place, and remains flexible from -40 to 190 degrees F.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion, and unlike drop-in liners, Rhino Linings will not crack or split from extensive flexing. They are permanently bonded, and won't fly out or get stolen.
  • The Rhino Linings' non-porous polyurethane is easy to clean and will retain its appearance for many years to come.

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